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Refreshing your sales and management team’s skill set has never been so easy and affordable. We offer many personalized solutions, right inside your dealership to help increase sales and improve ratios, gross profit and customer satisfaction.

With over 30 years experience in dealership and OEM Sales training, Robert will work one on one with you and your sales staff to develop creative and customized training for your dealership. We are currently working with several OEMs to improve their KPIs and business results. We have opened our schedule to dealerships like yours to offer the same high impact training.

about robert

Over the last 30 years Robert has accumulated a broad experience in retail, industrial and professional sales, people and project management and designing and delivering various training programs aimed at increasing profitability, performance, customer and employee satisfaction and fulfillment. He is a great communicator and has a solid sense of humor which helps him create strong relationships with the class participants. Robert also possesses the ability to accurately “read” people thus being able to know what approach to use to
maximize the impact of the training.

innovation in sales training

Dealerships will often slash their training budget when budgets need tightening — but it’s the thing that should not go, according to Robert Levesque, President and Owner of Levesque Academy.

. — Canadian Auto Dealer

Time is money

In the last 30 years, the greatest ROI I have seen, is when dealers combine initial training with post training support. – Robert Levesque

Only 29% of first year sales people reach quota. However when post training reinforcement is introduced, 34% more first year sales reps achieve quota. — Aberdeen 2015

Without training follow-up sales people will lose 80-90% of what they learned during training in the first month. — Sales Alliance 2014

When sales training support is utilized, 31% more sales people reach quota. — RAIN Group 2014

We come to you

In a time when budgets are being cut, we aim to save you time and money. We deliver our training in your dealership, because reducing your costs and making you money is our priority. Serving Canadian Dealers from coast to coast.